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DLBDLB from Morris Plains wrote on November 4, 2017 at 1:33 am:
Hi Gary! In the Tri-State area a TV Station, MEtv, is showing reruns of CHEERS. I haven't seen the show since its final episode almost 25 years ago. As soon as the theme song started during the first resun I caught, I was overwhelmed with great memories from my teenage years-- all because of yours and Judy's theme song.I specifically recall my older brother's friend Kevin telling us to check out the show so we could hear the great theme song. Even his parents told my parents to check out the show so they could listen to the theme song. (At age 13, I didn't understand the significance.)Just by coincidence, my best friend and her husband moved from Toronto to Boston the same week I discovered WEtv was showing CHEERS reruns.The show is definitely synonymous with WHERE EVERYBODY KNOWS YOUR NAME-- no one I've ever known talked about the longevity of CHEERS without mentioning the theme song.And I must say, I moved to NYC after High School, and the East Village in the 1990s. I now understand the significance and power in your "simple" lyrics. The East Village truly was a place where everybody in the local shops and diners knew your name. I loved the at the best time: before it was gentrified and still filled with mom and pop shops.You captured the essence of going to place that made you feel like you were home, even if no relatives were present. I think that's the beauty and magic of your masterpiece.Congratulations to you and Judy for creating a timeless song about friendship and home away from home.Bravo!Cheers! DLB
LuAnneLuAnne from Efland wrote on April 27, 2017 at 11:38 pm:
This is by far the most interesting bio that I have read in a long time. I like to look around the internet, and looked up Gary Portnoy because of the song from the Cheers TV show. The inclusion of clips of the music along the way really made this an interesting read.
ElioElio from Barceloneta, Puerto Rico wrote on March 13, 2017 at 9:28 pm:
Gary I just want to say thank you for all the many years of beautiful music. As a musician myself I can understand the love you put in your music. Once again thanks....
Adria LangAdria Lang from Shallow Lake wrote on January 30, 2017 at 3:37 am:
Interesting story about how fate works out for the best at times. I Googled the song history because we've been streaming Cheers lately for nostalgia's sake. I was a kid in the 80's when the show was in syndication, and although the characters and plot lines are still pertinent in our memories, my hubby and I were discussing how the theme song triggers fond memories of the family room and that time in both of our childhoods. Just to say, that's the power of a tune.
Kelly S. K. GarrettKelly S. K. Garrett from San Marcos wrote on December 23, 2016 at 4:53 am:
I enjoyed reading the history behind the story of Cheers. It was neat to see how the efforts and lyrics progressed as the writers collaborated on the song. I kept thinking in the back of my head while reading and listening to this article a familiar quote that I also read on Facebook tonight, "Things happen for a reason, there are no mistakes." Paraphrased I think of that turtle on Kung Fu Panda giving Wisdom on that high cliff. Truly as an audience member that grew up in the Midwest, the first few songs and their melodies were very broadway and out of touch with our everyday lives and music familiarity. I loved the creative melding of the writing of the lyrics of the final cheers, and the spontinaety of the difficult verse in the taxi ride! Great song, everyone knew the chorus and that is saying something for the Midwest. True story. Husbands dad came over upset that his girlfriend got him all worried about some info she read or watched on tv about the mark of the beast coming as a tiny chip implant. His dad knew I pray and know my Bible so when I looked in his worried face I simply said" I wouldn't worry at all about it. If it's anything like fashion, by the time it gets here to Ellery from the coasts, Jesus will have already come back!" LOL. Good article! Enjoy your day!
Jeffrey EpsteinJeffrey Epstein from Melrose, MA wrote on December 10, 2016 at 12:22 pm:
For a brief time in the 1970s, I lived in Green Acres and attended South High. Today, I was idly reading info about it when it turns out that the writer to the "Cheers" theme went there too, which eventually led me here. I like the song a lot, but I was more interested in the back story. ..I happen to be a singer/songwriter myself. Interesting to see how TV/film works with musicians.
Josh JordanJosh Jordan from Hastings wrote on December 6, 2016 at 10:06 pm:
I've always loved the theme to Cheers, it was one of those songs/themes that just reach right into your mind, heart and soul and give them all a wiggle and a jiggle. But I've only just found this site - I very much loved the story behind the song, so thanks for taking us on that remarkable journey. Thanks also for sharing all the other tracks and songs, what a wonderful creative talent you have. Wishing you much happiness for whatever the future holds and sincerely thank you for the entertainment thus far.
DaveDave from Fresno, CA wrote on August 14, 2016 at 12:42 am:
Longtime fan of Cheers, AND the theme song. Your simple lyrics captured the deep desire within our hearts to belong and be known. Your lyrical undertones that we all have problems are identifiable to everyone. Thank you for this little ditty that puts our life's challenges into perspective and a smile upon my face. Genius!
SkqueSkque wrote on August 7, 2016 at 9:01 pm:
Would love to learn more about this. Thanks for sharing it.
Francine Levine SchneidermanFrancine Levine Schneiderman from East Hanover wrote on August 6, 2016 at 12:54 am:
Hi Gary, I am Irwin Levine's sister and, along with my sister-in-law Sheila, (Irwin's widow) are big fans of yours. I have all the demos of the songs you wrote with Irwin and play them often. Besides being a great songwriter, you are one of my favorite singers. Listening to you sing "Benny the Boxer," one would think Benny was your father. Your phrasing and the feelings you emote is something that can't be taught. Okay, I feel better now. I've wanted to tell you that for many years and thanks to FB am now able to.. Where can I get your recorded music? Fondly, Francine
Lou PierceLou Pierce from Reese, Mi wrote on June 10, 2016 at 6:46 pm:
Love your voice!! You are very talented! God bless
Richie GriswoldRichie Griswold from PA wrote on April 28, 2016 at 2:54 pm:
Thanks for being awesome Gary! 🙂
Glenn TappanGlenn Tappan from Port St Lucie fl wrote on April 11, 2016 at 3:52 am:
Hey Gary, I stumbled on to your site. Don't know if you remember me. Drummer for Palma and you.All those years and demos ago.
Joel GilliamJoel Gilliam from Burlington wrote on April 9, 2016 at 5:41 pm:
Hi Gary! I was recently enjoying a Netflix binge of Cheers and of course enjoying the theme song. After I finished watching that, my wife asked me about Punky Brewster (she had never seen the show, I watched it a lot as a child). We watched an episode online and a huge wave of nostalgia washed over me as I heard Every Time I Turn Around for the first time in probably over 25 years. My wife and I absolutely love this song and downloaded it off iTunes. Just wanted to let you know that this particular song really touched our hearts!
BenBen from Bucks wrote on March 31, 2016 at 12:36 am:
Hey Gary. Like everybody here and quite possibly everybody on earth, I loved your sweet melancholy song as a child. And yes it is still powerfully evocative today. As somebody has said it will outlive us all. Truth is I wondered if perhaps it was a Jackson Browne song so I Googled it and now here I am. I also listened to Another Day on your website. It was real nice too. Kudos to you and Thanks for the music. I read just now that you sometimes sing a bar or two and say to yourself "it is real, it exists!”- A charming image. I'm sure this existential sensitivity informs your sad voice, dear Sir. It seems somehow fitting that the world doesn't really know " the rest" of your stuff, if I may say so. Also adds to the sweet sad ennui. Regards, Ben.
Scott BabusScott Babus from Baltimore wrote on December 30, 2015 at 6:46 am:
Gary,do you know how to contact my friend Ruth Rosen .we went to school at New Paltz
MichaelMichael wrote on September 4, 2015 at 4:49 pm:
Hi Gary. The wistfulness I hear in this song really connected with me today. I was reminiscing about favorite TV shows. Cheers for me was more than MASH, more than Friends, more than Seinfeld. Loved the characters. We all want to go there -where everybody... Thanks for a great song - the BEST. Thanks for the web site, and the chance to reconnect. Wishing you all the best. My coworkers - I greet one as Don! He greets me as Sam!...
glenn grantglenn grant from new york wrote on June 17, 2015 at 4:14 pm:
Congratulations on the new site Gary (and Christian). It looks very nice, good job.
paul barnettpaul barnett from swansea, wales,u.k wrote on February 3, 2015 at 12:00 am:
gary what can i say that hasn't been said already, except where everybody knows your name is a timeless song that will be around even when we are all long gone. god bless

Hi, Gary I am a college student who wasn’t even born when Cheers started, but every time your song comes on in the bars here in Columbus everybody has a great time singing with it. That song is timeless. All the best,
Mark Beaven
Columbus, OH USA

Hello, My name is Ciko Mfenyana from South Africa. I was 12 years old when Cheers came on our TV screens, and although I did not understand much English at the time I never missed an episode of the show only so I could hear the song at the beginning and the end of the show. After the series ended it meant the end of the song for me and I remember feeling heavy sadness when it happened. The ruling Apartheid government of the time had made sure that we as black people had very little access to technologies like computers and the internet as they did with everything else and so it was only to be until the year 2000 when I could hear the song again from a website I happened to stumble across while surfing the net at varsity, the song was used by some student for his webpage and when I heard it it was completely unexpected and I just started crying and crying uncontrollably losing it in front of everybody in the students communal computer lab as the song just instantly threw me back all those many years ago when music was the only good thing in my little world. Thank you guys for creating this memory for me. Regards, Ciko Mfenyana Department of Biochemistry (Louw Laboratory) Faculty of Science Stellenbosch University
Stellenbosch, South Africa

My wife and I never missed a “Cheers” show. And, your theme song is the rock on which this program was built. One of the most recognizable ever written; catchy, melodic, and great lyrics. Congrats
Bent Berner
West Columbia, SC USA

Hello Gary, Just wanted to say something which you must have heard a million times. Thank you for the the song you know the one always makes me feel better about life when things get tough now and again… All the best,
Devon, England

hey gary! the cheers theme song has inspired me ever since I heard the first chord many, many years ago… keep up the great work!
New York, NY USA

Hi Gary, Just a quick note regarding the Cheers theme tune As a child growing up in the 80’s, this was my favourite show and the beautiful theme tune always struck a chord with me It is without a doubt the best and most poignant theme tune / song ever written and always takes me back to those happy days. All credit to you, you’ve done a remarkable thing. Regards, Ryan

Hi Gary, I love the Cheers song but Punky Brewster was my childhood! I was so thrilled to see it on iTunes and I immediately downloaded it. Those were the great old days! Thanks for you great songs. Jenny
Taylor, MI USA

For songwriters everywhere, your story about the Cheers theme song is one of the best I’ve ever read. If there were a website devoted to the stories behind the songs, I would be on it all the time. “Where everybody knows your name” has been my favorite when I heard it at the age of ten and is still a wonderful song today. I’m glad to see you’re still at it Gary, keep up the good work!
San Diego, CA USA

Hi Gary, I’ve always loved the Cheers theme, but it was only tonight, well this morning (it’s 4am here), that I realised how much of a story was behind it. I hope you’re glad to hear that your music does inspire people in the world today, and I thank you for bringing that much into our lives.
John Darlington
Telford, Shropshire UK

I work in an office in London and we have a television in our kitchen. At 12:30pm each day I and a colleague go to the kitchen under the pretence of making a cup of coffee. What we in fact do, is “rock out” to your song from ‘Cheers’. We don’t bother watching the programme, we just walk back into the office as soon as your song finishes and no one is none the wiser! Just read the ‘story behind Cheers’ on your website. It’s the best story I’ve read in years!
London, England

I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE and cherish the theme for cheers. It is truly the best theme song in the history of television. I really love your voice. It is so incredible how music can rip you right back into an exact moment in time. It takes right back to one night when I was 8 years old. Nothing special happened other than your song played and it made me happy. I didn’t understand the words, I just knew I was alive and life was going to be an interesting ride. I hope you still writing. Regards, Abby Ball

So glad I discovered your website..full of beautiful memories. And I’m not even from Boston! (originally from Chicago.Go Cubs Go!)
Alexandria, VA

Dear Gary, I just wanted to thank you for writting “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”… As a child, growing up in Former Yugoslavia, Cheers was one of our favorite shows, and I think that intro song had much to do with it… though at the time my English was poor, somehow song’s message was understood… I recently heard the song and it reminded me of some happy times with my family… Reading about how much work and chance went into the song makes one only appreciate it even more thanks again! Best, Mirsad

Great song “Cheers”……love the song Gary………..always forget all my troubles when I hear the song and the show starts…….it’s running on one of the Sat. channels as I write Love to see you come to Ireland… wishes for the future. Regards, Tony Mulvany

Hi Gary, I’ve just finished listening to a half hour radio show in the UK on Radio 4 where Stephen Merchant (The Office) fondly looks back to the early days of Cheers. I’m so glad I took the trouble to find your site to get a more in depth story of how your delightful song actually made it to Cheers. Fascinating how stuff comes together, to create magical connections! This radio programme was a little gem which could quite easily be the impetus for me to find the wonderful, hilarious, warm, world of Cheers once again so ably introduced by your gorgeous song. All the best to you in your future endeavours, & thanks. Pat

You know, Gary has written a lot more songs then that one, so how about a big round of applause for all of the other great music Mr. Portnoy has written that is meaningful and artistic. Bravo to you and your extensive career in music. Well done!
Tony P.

Hi Gary, Just want to let you know that someone in some town in Holland still now and then sings the song you and Judy wrote so many years ago. Me. I have sung that song my whole life ever since the Cheerssitcom came into my living room. It has always been powerfull and it still is. That’s almost frightning! How cool is that?! I’ve just read the story behind the cheerstheme. Wow, the universe works in mysterious ways. I had to spill my heart. Thanks, greets Julian

Well for some reason it’s taken me almost 30 years to get curious. Many times I’ve wondered who wrote that wonderful song that I love so much but by the end of the episode I never thought to check the credits. I was a huge Cheers fan when it first ran and recently I discovering reruns were airing in the wee hours. With the advent of the DVR this wasn’t a problem. For months now it’s my wife and I’s nightly ritual to get in bed and watch two episodes of Cheers. Well most nights anyway (hey, I’m 57!). I read the history behind your song on your website and it’s true…the song has truly endured. I still love it as much now as ever. I also still get annoyed at the later and shorter version. The real proof is in the pudding, though. My favorite invention of the last decade is what we call the bump button. That magical little 30 second advance on DVR’s that makes commercials (and theme songs) go away. I have never used it on your song, not once. It too is part of the ritual…and we enjoy it every single night. We thank you for that. Best wishes and best of luck.
Tony Cerqua

Love The Cheers Theme. Actually heard it the first time in the sitcom “Friends” where Joey is listening to that song on the tv in his hotel room and is feeling homesick.
Columbus, OH USA

Gary, Just wanted to thank you for your WONDERFUL theme to Cheers. It encapsulated the show perfectly and it continues to bring warmth and smiles to people everywhere who hear it. It truly is a work of art! It should be in the top 3 theme songs of all time – if not number one. I really miss the heyday of TV themes and feel we’ve lost that magic today. Once again, THANKS Gary! With much respect, Peter Miller

Hi Gary, Just heard a program about ‘Cheers’ on Radio 4 in UK, and heard you had a website. I thought I would tell you that I grew up on Cheers and I love your song. I loved the whole program. The thought of going somewhere where people care about you is very comforting. Thanks for the lovely song and may God bless you. Ursula

Great to hear from you. I’ll write some more soon. Arnie
Arnie “Tokyo” Rosenthal
Chapel Hill, NC USA

“Where Everybody Knows Your Name is a masterpiece”! Thank you for all your songs :) Sandy
Huron, OH USA

Gary, In our day to day lives we often forget to thank people for the contributions they make. Sometimes it is just a minor thing that makes someone’s day a little better and sometimes it is something much greater. When you wrote the theme song for Cheers you probably did not know that it would touch people and have the affect it has so many years later. Every time I hear the song I am taken back in time. The lyrics are as relevant today as they were back then. “Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got. Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot.” The song is timeless and it is priceless. Just want to say thank you. JL Nelson
Dell Rapids, SD USA

At 52 years of age, I cry every time I hear “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”…Seems I’m not the only one…All I can say is…Thanks!
Paul Taalman
Ajax, Ontario, Canada

Hallo Gary, after almost twenty years I’m watching Cheers again, I casually listened your theme song on YouTube. It’s a jump in the past … and it’s sublime! Thank you Gary, you did something great :) It’s not just the music, not the lyrics alone, maybe the ensemble or because it’s so catchy. I don’t know, I’m not a musician … fact is, everytime I hear you tune I feel good. Thank you Gary, sincerely :)
Roberto Inzerillo

Gary— I was just reading your story on your website. I went there after watching the Cheers finale for about the 20 time on the Reelz Channel this afternoon and had always wondered what the story was behind the theme song…even in this day of DVRs (yes, I have Cheers recorded on my DVR daily and watch it to put me in a good mood), I always let the theme song play through and sing along with it. It is a classic, timeless in the message, and with the beginning chords, a calling to come and sit with friends, as after time, after watching Cheers for all these years, you really feel like the characters are your friends. What a great story! It was great looking at your websiteall the best to you!
Kurt Whiton

I bought both of your cds i found them too be pretty good i like keeper the you ever play shows in the Philadelphia area?
chris burhenne
atco, nj USA

Thanks, Gary, for being on the show. For those who have never had the opportunity to speak with him, Gary is a generous, genuine guy, and a pleasure to talk to. I wish you the very best in all you do, Gary. There really are times when it’s fun to take the long way home…
dudley clark

yoy have given me a lot of joy by singeng ,when I look ar Cheers, it is really some of the best and teuching sing I have heard, thank you so much kirsten
kirsten willer
skagen, denmark

Hey Gary Cheers would be half so nice without your Theme!!!!

I Had Heard That Your “DESTINY” CD Is Very Moving And I Am Hoping To Be Able To Get Myself A Copy So That I Can Experience That To. I Do Know That Your “KEEPER” CD Is Wonderful Just Like I Heard That This One Is To!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lori A. Armstrong
Southington, CT USA

I am a weekly visiter to Las Vegas i always go to the piano bar at times square inside the New York New York and love to hear my old song that always brings a smile to my face sometimes you want to go where everybody know your name!!!!!!!!!
Rockford, IL USA

Just want to let you know that our national TV station is sending out “Cheers” Season 1 weekdays at 11pm. And yes as many people say, never press fast forward when the theme song is on! We watch TV in our bedroom and I have a 5.1 surround system in bed! I can say your music really sounds fantastic! Even the quality from the first episode was so brilliant! Hope you are doing fine and friendly greetings from Belgium, Chris.
Chris de Cleyn

Hey, Gary it’s great to find the long version of the Cheers theme on a CD. That song lifted my spirits during some not so happy times and also got me into the show which I watched growing up. i will check out your new CD also. many thanks, Brian
Brian M
New Paltz, NY USA

Keep on keeping on man…
Markus Lakes
Calgary, AB Canada

I received Destiny today and it is very moving and also unexpected!! Congratulations on a fine work. (And I agree about Manhattan Heartache!!) JeanYves
JeanYves Le Coguen
HautsdeSeine , France

Gary, Manhattan Heartache is so freaking sad! I love it!
Nashville, TN USA

Hey Gary, you are the man sir. I love your new album its great! please send me an autographed outline of your song writing hand if you can, it would mean the world to me. Thanks and God Bless. MANNY
Baker City, OR USA

You have done it again looks great and sounds great nice job!!!!
Chappaqua, NY USA

Super website..Bill
Bill Penn
Atlanta, GA USA

g’day bloke, hope you receive this….anyway, 25+ yrs later, still 1 of the best theme songs ever heard. all the best… Cheers !

I dearly love your website and I always did watch Cheers when it was on. Now I watch all the reruns. All the songs that you have have written and recorded including the theme song from Cheers called “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”, you would when Grammy Awards and hit big on the Music Charts. All the radio stations here in the United States and around the world would play those songs, they would all be smash hits! Well keep up the great work Gary. Thanks for helping everyone making Cheers the greatest program ever! Have a great life and God bless you and your family! As the cast would say when George Wendt comes in to the bar, Norm!
Stan Abercrombie
Irving, Tx USA

Clean and pleasing both to the eye and ear. Many thanks for the site and your music

Let’s all take it easy on the Cheers theme….the best song this man ever wrote was the theme of Punky Brewster. That song changed my life and is the best theme song of the 80’s. Maybe the world is blind, Or just a little unkind. Don’t know. Seems you can’t be sure Of anything anymore. Although, You maybe lonely and then, One day you’re smiling again. Every time I turn around, I see the girl that turns my world around. Standing there… Everytime I turn around, Her spirit’s lifting me right off the ground. What’s gonna be? Guess we’ll just wait and see. Pure genious.

I’ve been addicted to the cheer’s song since I was like 8 years old and I love the long version much better then the shorten one. Now that I have the keeper CD Gary Portnoy’s other song I really like them too, they are very insightful and have a happy upbeat. Thanks for a good CD!
Kathryn Smith
Minneapolis, MN USA

As usual you are kind enough to your fans to answer e mails and it it so very much appreciated. Again, thanks so much for responding to my e mail. You are a down to earth star who cares about those who listen. Thanks again.
Jim Hodges
Gardner, MA USA

HI Gary, I have always loved the song Everybody Knows My Name. I have a lung disorder the Doctors call it c.o.p.d. I’m in and out of the hospitial and the clinic all the time. Everytime I have to go to either place everbody knows me without looking at my chart. It always takes me back to the song Everybody Knows My Name. The web page looks great and I enjoy listening to your music. Keep up the good work. Your Fan Larry
Larry Landers
Fairfield, ILL USA

Thanks, Gary. Great site, marvelous story and great song.
Paul Jeter
Cincinnati, OH USA

Cheers is a nice sized part of my teen memories, sort of like if there was a soundtrack to “X’s for Eyes” (Farelli bros. 8.]) that song would be a dead ringer… be cool
Dave Buckle
28203, NC USA

I just wanted to say not only have you written the greatest television theme song, but your album is a great piece of work as well. You are a great inspiration to me as a writter and musician. Thank you for the great music, I hope to play for you some day.
Boston, MA USA

In 2005, I had a pneumonia that was accompanied by deadened tissue around my larynx, which caused my voice to sound a few octaves below that of Tom Waits. This lasted months. As I was getting better, I’d sing the Cheers theme every day in the shower to gauge my voice. When, one day, I reached the part “Where everybody knows your name”, and my voice didn’t completely disappear, I knew things were on the mend.
Reginald J.
London, England

Dear Gary, I love your theme song to “Cheers”. I also enjoyed many of the episodes, who could not enjoy Sam’s chargargrin humor, and Diane’s savvy regarding a good “Shakesperian” quote when needed. I hope I can access your web site, but even this is great. I loved Kelsey Grammer along side BeBe Newith, she was so dark, her character reallly gave substance to the show. Rhea Pearlman was always over the top with her multiple storys at a moments glance, she had storys about any number of exhusbands and exboyfriends that would find themselves on the other side of the door by the next day. I guess you could compromise that was so much of the essence of “Cheers” a mad rush to the end, and who gets caught making up the losses, which Diana always had such a great way of capitaizing all of Sam’s victorys and making them seem so trivial. Hope to hear from you soon. Gloria
New Rochelle , NY USA

Watching Cheers always reminded me of when I lived up north. Your theme song “where everbody knows your name” is ever so true in my home state of Rhode Island. Watching Cheers year after year inspired me to create a website about: The Food, People, Places and Nostalgia of the state of Rhode Island. Keep up your terrific work, and your new website looks great!

Gary, I sure smiled when I heard the theme song from Cheers, Boy!!Did that bring back a wonderful time, the show is so missed by many! I am off to listen to the clips of your track ,and again, want to thank you again for a trip back in time …Great sound! Who isn’t afraid of airplanes now a days:) Good Luck and Blessings to you!
Virginia Beach, Virginia USA

heard your new songs, thay are nicely done ,with a taste of cheers. i give it an 5 star rating! good job. and miss cheers, your song always echoe in my memories of cheers,thank you and keep up the great work.manny gutierrez sr 2555 grove street baker city or 97814 usa
manny gutierrez
baker city, or USA

Thanks For Your Site, It Was Well Worth The Visit, Only one way to describe it, SIMPLY FANTABULOUS!!!!! Lisa & Peter … Holland
Lisa & Peter

Great site. Cheers is one of my favourite shows and the theme song is a classic. Keep up the good work!
Keith Mitchell
Edinburgh, Scotland

I will surely pick up a copy of the new CD! Loved your collabaration with Judy H.A. & Leon Redbone “Our New Arrival”
C. S.
Howell, MI USA

Gary thank you for your lovely site. I have enjoyed exploring it. The “Cheers” theme song “Where Everybody Know Your Name” is a song that I will never ever forget. I still watch reruns of cheers just to hear the song. Thanks for sharing and keep up the fantastic work. Peace & God Bless.

Enjoyed reading your bio. s
Suzan Erber
Senatobia, MS USA

Hi Gary, this is a great site
joyce Ramgatie
Middelburg, Zeeland The Netherlands

Hi Gary. Your song has made me the man I am today. Otis Campbell, Town Drunk
Otis Campbell
Mayberry, NC USA

Greetings from the Iditarod Trail in Alaska!GB Jones
GB Jones
Knik, AK USA

You Rock Gary…
Norman, OK USA

WOW!! Hey I lurve your Cheers and everything else. You’ve done a great job and your amazing, you sing great songs I’m rushing into the shops soon once it comes along here lol. Keep the great job up coz u rock my wurld!!
Yuki Park
Sydney, NSW AUS

OK, so it’s not Gary’s version of Cheers, but…. Back in the 80’s there was a short lived German version of Cheers entitled “Prost Helmut”, which literally means “Cheers, Norm”. This was not the later version, which was the same as ours, except with German overdubs. But, rather, a different spin, in that, the names were changed and so was the setting for the bar a German tavern! Anyway, here’s the link for the theme song with German lyrics!! (It’s a hoot!) You may have to right click on it and save it to your computer first and may even have to convert it to stereo before you can play it. Media Player is funny about mono files. Enjoy!!


Hello Gary, stumbled upon your site when researching the Cheers theme for a college project. The story makes a very interesting read, I never knew that it took so many attempts to write the perfect theme, but more than 20 years on it still stands up as one of the best if not the best of it’s era. Nice one!
Gloucester, England

What an absolutely charming and inspiring story. Well done & thank you. A real fan of “where everybody know your name” & Cheers.
peter taylor
johannessburg, south africa

The “Cheers” theme was a nice song, from a nice show. I like your web site too. Good work, Gary.
Tom Simon
St. Louis, MO USA

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderfully sharing website and, of course, your musical contributions that I and everyone else has had the great fortune to hear and enjoy for years.
Brent Miller bdmiller at yahoo dot com
Madison, WI USA

Danny and Tyler

Can’t wait for you to put out another CD. Hope you add your other TV themes to it. Bought Keeper a while back but still love to play it. Best wishes.
Jim Hodges
Gardner, MA USA

Gary, being in the studio recording “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” is EXCITING, we track REAL grand piano tomorrow. I will send you your ‘first impression’ within June/July. BTW, for my NEXT album…I’ll need a Gary Portnoy followup single…I’m choosing ‘YES’ if that’s ok with you. It’s a great song. I’m gonna go order the CD now. SO STOKED Jay
Jay Neilson (Thrift Store Romance)
Toronto, On Canada

Thank you for sharing your site and music.
Anne Milliard
Dayville, ct USA

Neat site… GREAT song.. always did love it gracie
cincinnati, ohio USA

You are a great songwriter and I wish you all the best with all your future endeavours. Best wishes from Meryl Heasman (songwriter) Kent England.
meryl heasman
Sheerness, Kent United Kingdom

Dear Gary, From having a son who is a professional guitar player, I do know that it takes a great deal of self belief and courage to make it, as well as self discipline. You are without a doubt a fine young man. God has given you much talent. A great gift! God bless you son. Keep up the fine work you are doing here on your site and the songs you have given this world, they are wonderful. I watched Cheers for many years.
Thersa Tabar
Ocala, FL USA

I’m not a big TV fan but I like your music. It is fun and catchy. Keep up the great work and hope to hear more of your music soon. Jim Barnhart
Jim Barnhart
Phoenix, AZ USA

Hey i just wanna say the Cheers is a good comedy that i’m watching right now :D!

To the gentlemen that attacked Gary about his childhood… well my friend, Gary was an acquaintance of mine from High School and I’m sorry to tell you Gary was not only voted most likely to succeed, he was well admired and respected by his peers for being not only incredibly talented but a good human being. Sorry to disappoint you but Gary’s been class all the way, from childhood on!… (I wasn’t going to write anything on this site but after reading that attack felt someone who actually had met and knew Gary needed to speak up…)
Stu Cohen
New York, NY USA

Hi Gary you have a very informative site. I think you did a great job on the Cheers Theme. I watch the show whenever possible. Keep up the good work.
Stan Morris
Scottsdale, Arizona USA

Hey Gary! I’ve always loved your writing. It’s about time everybody knew your name! I know it’s a bad pun but, it was there! I HAD TO USE IT!!! I just finished producing a CD by Jazz pianist Buzz Clifford and it’s available at Check it out! Also, I want to invite you to my site at Your site is in my bookmarks! Dickie
Dickie Cox
Tignall, Ga USA

I love and have enjoyed watching Cheers on television for so many years and have also loved the theme song, and will always watch the program as long it is being shown on television.
Raul Saavedra
Sierra Vista, Arizona USA

Hey Gary, Your new site is really nice and informative. You’re a great song writer! I’m really excited about your new CD! I need to get me one! I just finished my album in Nashville, if you get a chance stop by and give it a listen, I’d love to know what you think! Don’t forget to sign my guestbook! Take care and I wish you plenty success! Joni Compretta
Joni Compretta
Seymour, Tn USA

It’s so good to see a new project from you! I’ve always enjoyed your work. The public needs to know that there is so much more to Gary Portnoy than the theme song for Cheers. It’s a great song but Gary has so many more!
Timothy Edward Jones
Scottsboro, AL USA

i like your Cheers song.!!!

hey Gary ur song is great and ur a good song writer well done and good luck in the futher julie
julie spence
scotland, Uk

Hey Gary, long time no hear. hope you are ok. still waiting for a copy of your cd. Hope to hear from you soon. God Bless. Achim The Mississippian

Really enjoyed the Website very good
Michael Douet
Sacramento, Ca USA

Hey there, Great website, terrific song, “CHEERS”. All the best!Omer
Omer Landry

Hi Gary, i am also called Llewellyn. I loved cheers, i found it quite addictive. It reminded me of the life i used to have with friends in the bar before i lost my legs in the pork pie factory (pastry division) The dumbs guy behind the bar always reminded me of the boss there he always pulled flat pints. Anyway must be going now time for the mogadon and strepsils eases the pain. Cheers!!! Llewellyn
Llewellyn Boyce
Dublin, Ireland

I have enjoyed listening to your music and looking at your site. The very best to you. Cheers was one of my favorite programs, I was sorry to see it end. I know of and go to another place here in the area that reminds me of Cheers but will never be a place like the real Cheers. Feel free and I welcome you to visit my site also.
Phyllis Benton
Statesville, N. C. USA

Hey Gary, how’s it going? Just wanted to drop by and let you know that your CD is great. When you need a a voiceover done for you I’ll be happy to help. Thanks for everything. Cheers!
John Chartier
Hollywood, CA USA

hi there .. good site .. i didn’t know you wrote the song for cheers but there again you learn something new everyday. best of luck with your work. yours truly. a fellow singer
dave knight
stoke on trent, n/a Great Britain

thought I would look at your website not bad. Cheers Tony
Tony Hicks
leigh on sea, Essex UK

Glad to hear about your website. Your song was the first one that I made am emotional connection to. I was a little kid when my dad changed jobs rather suddenly. I can remember driving out of town and hearing “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” on the radio and feeling the sadness of leaving my old neighborhood and all my childhood friends. Then as time went on, the very same song made me feel happy whenever I heard it. Quite a neat trick!! Thanks and best of luck.
Randy Katz
Berkeley, CA USA

play the cheers one again, that’s the best one!!!!!

It is great to see and hear a real talent like Gary. His grade is A+
George Vreeland Hill
Los Angeles, CA USA

Hiya Gary. Great music, great site. Anyone interested in UK films over the last forty years. Click on site. Aitch, UK.
Watford , UK.

Great music! Thanks for giving me a lift when I really needed it!
K R Morgan
Worcester, MA USA

Gary, i think you are amazing. You have great music. Thanx for sharing us this great music. Your website is great too! Our hearts are always with you. I know your name, thanx for this…Cheers Gary!!!!
Istanbul, Turkey

Enjoyed the website very much. Anyone that has experienced “bar life” can and will identify with “Cheers”. I never knew there was a full length song “Where Everyone Knows Your Name”. Enjoyed listening to it!
Rob Scholl
Orwell, OH USA

Enjoyed the website, and what a memorable song. I added a link to your website from my home page.
Pat Adams
Nashville, TN USA

Well what a delight. Just discovered this great talent. This is a keeper. Refreshing to hear such a wonderful flow in your lyrics and vocals. Join forces with us.
Cally Cantrell
Nashville, TN USA

G’day Gary! It has been sometime since my last contact with you & funnily, after a rerun of the 200th Cheers anniversary being aired today, realised I no longer had your website/email details (new pc :) ) So, here i am thanks to google!! It’s amazing that a song such as theme for Cheers, can still arouse a host of feelings and you simply cannot deny the urge to sing along It was a real nice way to end my day hearing the song once more ~ Cheers guys Deb Stevens ‘from a whisper to a roar, ovarian cancer silent no more’
Deb Stevens
Sydney, NSW Australia

I really enjoyed reading your story! I think i’ve seen all the episodes of Cheers a few too many times but I never get tired of the theme. Gary, I wrote to you a while back for an autographed picture but so far no luck (: anyway, keep up the great work! Lisa
Lisa J
La Jolla, CA USA

I own this wonderful CD, “Keeper”, and I’m wearing it out. When are you guys going to write a new one? The songs are just great. We need to hear more stuff from you and your cowriter, Gloria. Waiting…..Harry
Harry Brown
Philadelphia, PA USA

I really enjoyed reading about the story of “Cheers”. I love the theme song. Gary seems a lot younger than I thought! Sincerely, Patty Maples
Patty Maples
Amarillo, Texas USA

I really enjoyed your site . I especially enjoyed finding out the history behind the Cheers song . That was really interesting . You have a wonderful gift . Thanks for sharing it .
Kathleen Carlson
Buckley, Wa USA

not being an american and only being a teen means i haven’t heard much of you or your work but from the samples so far you seem great, will keep an eye on your site for sure!
manchester, UK

I’ve been looking for your song everywhere. Thanks for writing it, something about it really hits me in a tender spot!
co USA

Very nice. LIke many others, I wondered who composed such a great song. Brings many memories for me, good and bad, and I know almost every word. Looking forward to the new CD, I’m sure it outdoes all original works. Keep up the good work.
Cindy Crawford
Oshawa, On Canada

The story about how “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” came about was a fantastic read, I love it! I will pick up a copy of the new CD and thanks again man!
Doc “Mistabluesman” Quinn 11/21/05
Doc Quinn
Paris, TX USA

Hi Gary , Just thought I’d let you know that your cd ‘Keeper’ is very Very GOOD . I just love music that is uplifting , deep and meaningful . The best part of watching Cheers is your song ‘Where Everbody Knows Your Name’. Please keep it up , and keep writing your beautiful music !! God bless you .
Jeff Callahan
Goldcoast, Q.L.D Australia

I like your website. I learned a lot about the Cheers song and the people who wrote it. Cool song & cool show!
Pat Adams
Nashville, TN USA

This is a fantastic CD. Can’t wait for you to put out another one. This time I hope you put Punky Brewster on it. Know I will buy it. I do recommend this one for anyone that likes your music. Also great for a new listener.
Jim Hodges
Gardner, MA USA

I never miss one single episode of Cheers and I always admire the theme song and wonder who sang it. Now I know and I thank you.
Abdullah AlMunim
Oxford, UK

Imagine..sitting in a classroom on campus…just to have our professor mention the impact of television theme music upon society….and yes, the theme from “Cheers” as the topic of discussion. What an impact! A lasting one indeed..makes one smile……

I totally love this song. I am very hip (like Nelly, Usher, Mariah Carey hip.) but i still love my cheers. I watch it everyday it comes on. And can you believe that im only 16. You really inspired me Gary to be come the singer I am today with this song. Oh and by the way the show always keeps me laughting and smiling. LOVE ME!!!!!!!
Bessemer City, NC USA

I have a forum where we have a dozen regulars daily who are really special and we created together, an actual place it is a jazz cafe, and we are voting on a theme song for our forum…I am the administrator, and you are up against other great pieces of music with similiar sentiment , but I’ll tell you buddy, in my mind, you nailed it with THIS SONG. Jazz or not, this song just gets you right in the heart. Nicely done. I wish you every happiness in life, health and love! kindly max
maxwell collins


Having bought the theme from “Cheers” upon release on 7″ vinyl in the mid eighties over here in England I really enjoyed the B side “Jenny” and was wondering is this available on cd anywhere ??
Rich Burnett
London, England

Gary, I was so fascinated and impressed by your music that I can’t even describe. I really can’t remember, when I heard such a great music for the last time. And, because I’m a musician and a singer, too, I wish you all the luck that you need for your success, because you deserve it and also need it in a world of fame. Best wishes to you! Vesna M.
Vesna a.k.a. little one ;)
Rimske Toplice, Slovenia

Please don’t laugh, I am in tears right now. Many years ago when Cheers debuted, I fell in love with this wonderful piece of music. I did not watch the show but I had to listen to its theme. One day, I heard the full version and I laughed my head off, which was not good because I was driving at the time. I started searching for the CD but could not find it. Not even find anyone who knew what the hell I was talking about. Today, I decided to Goggle the song and it took me to Amazon. Damn, there it was on Keeper. I bought two copies, one for myself and one for a gift. At least now I can show people I am not crazy. =) Tonight I Googled you and found your site, what a thrill. I know, guys are not suppose to cry but damn, my search has ended. Thank you so very much for bringing this wonderful piece into my heart and others that I play it for.
Alan Henley
Los Angeles, CA USA

Gary, your wee tune from Cheers is FANTASTIC it makes me laugh until my eyes water and I vomit blood, that’s how good it is, it really is that good. All the best!
The Duke of Prunes
Dingwall, UK

Hi Gary! love the site, I enjoy making animations an using your vocals for the music! I know you won’t mind.
Freddie Buckroy
Edinborororororo, Scotland

Hi Gary, You have a very sympathic voice and a really good music. Keep on this great work. From FinlandMonis Agentur for POPand Rockgroups.WWW.POPROCKNEWS.COM
Helsinki, Finland

Hi Gary, I enjoy your music, best of luck in the future…dennis
mn USA

Hi. My name is Joshua Spanks and I am a 12 year old piano player who loves Where Everybody Knows Your Name. I really love that song. Write back if you can. Joshua
Joshua Spanks

Hi Gary, My name is Liz…I’m from Newfoundland. Just came across your website…and now have a face to the song that I could not even begin to define its worth. Your talent is a rare jewel. I’m sure anyone who tuned into “Cheers” had a tear in their eye when the theme song was/is played. Anyway Gary…I just wanted to let you know how your talent has reached the core of the people who are your fans. Rave On! Liz
St. Lawrence, Newfoundland

Dear Gary, I went through a really hard time back in the mid90s. I started using the chorus from “I Still Believe In Me” from “Fame” as my .sig in all my emails and Usenet posts. Focusing on that really helped. It’s a beautiful song, and I wanted to thank you for creating it. Best of luck with you new CD. Laurie
Wichita, KS USA

just to let you know that your silly little song for CHEERS always touched a chord in my heart.
Annapolis, MD USA

gary: i’ve been listening to the song clips here on your site… and one of them really stands out for me…”the best days”…i don’t know what your plans are for singles for your album…but “the best days” sounds like an a/c hit to me… i wish you much success and happiness… dan michel
Dan Michel

Hey gary. I thought it’d be nice to drop you a short fan message. I’m a 35yo DJ from Cologne Germany for various styles of music. Your famous Cheers Theme song is my opener for my programmes for at least 10 years now and has become a brand for me as a DJ. Thank you for giving us an alltime classic. Thought you’d like to hear this kinda response from Germany. Keep on rockin’!! Yours, Robbie
Cologne, Germany

I just wanted to write to say that ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved the theme song for Cheers, sadly all I get to see of Cheers is the reruns now and being only 16 I get laughed at for even watching those!! But, finally I can get a full version of “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” so my friends can laugh all they like but I’ll get the last laugh when I subject them all to the song next time they come round … just as soon as I can afford it!!
Glasgow, Scotland

Just want to say I happen to see the Biography of Cheers on Tv two nights ago. I came in the middle of it, but it was great. Gary your Cd’s make great gifts. God bless, Nancy

Cheers has always been my favorite. I have it as my theme song on my cell phone. the song is great..
china morgan
wilmington, oh USA

Hi Gary, Seen your website, enjoyed your biography, I always loved the music from Cheers, I had a listen, it brings memories back. I wish you all best with your music
Greetz Joyce
Joyce Ramgatie
Middelburg, Holland

I heard Ted Danson remark on the new Cheers DVD that he had a moment of awareness a few years back when it suddenly struck him that he was the actor that got to play Sam Malone. I come from Ireland and got to attend a Cheers episode recording in Paramount studios. I still get chills when I think how fortunate I was to get to see the chemistry of the actors in that wonderful series live on stage before me. You must get shivers down your spine when you think that you were the one to write, compose and sing this amazing and beautiful song, a song that will live in infamy. Thanks for your genius. Regards, Ray McCormick
Ray McCormick
Banbridge, Ireland

Gary, from such a talented and interesting guy you seem so modest. I will get the opportunity to show people what a great song ‘Where Everybody Knows Your Name” really is. It’s about time someone did what everybody wishes they would do and release it to radio! I will make you proud, I promise.
Jay Neilson
Barrie, On Canada

The ‘Cheers’ theme makes me CRY every time i hear it. It is one of those songs that speaks directly to the part of me that wants to connect with people. I will check out your other available music.
phoenix, AZ USA

I miss the show, and the girls on the show
john h
reno, nv USA

me and my husband love watching cheers we have been watching it togther since 1984
Sabrina & Gary Renfro
casper, wy USA

Gary… I grew up with Cheers as a child and never missed the theme song even once when I watched the show… Thanks for making my childhood a little more musical.
Ashok V Nair
Bangalore, Kar India

Hi Gary, I am a Whitney Houston Live act! (I am a man and I sing Whitney Houston in the same range I am Nigerian & German mixture). I love that Song!!! Brings back very good memories when ever I hear it. And your story is very interesting I send you best wishes from Berlin, Germany Ikenna Benéy
Ikenna Benéy
Berlin, Germany

You’re awesome, Gary!
Jordan Jesse
Melbourne, Victoria Australia

As producer and writer for Lilian & Manon , I would like to get to know you musically my new friend, Lets get ready to RUMBLE
Bob Johnston
Toronto, Ont. Canada

Good stuff. After reading your story and listening a bit, I’m glad I came by! Good luck, Gary.
John Deffes
Jacksonville, Fl USA

Good music. Great I like it!!!
Alex da Silva
milan, mi Italy

I guess it must be very hard for you to work in the entertainment industry being camera shy and afraid of traveling by plane. Any way I wish you a lot of luck in your carer.
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Gary?…. Your theme and other songs are awsome… Keep up the great work, god bless you, and best of luck always. Hey! i’m also a singer.
Andy T.
Biddeford, Maine USA

Hey Gary, well…what can I say, I LOVE the theme song you did for Cheers, just great!! All the best to you, good luck with everything you do, keep making people happy with your wonderful music! Love from a female country singer from the Netherlands!
Velp, Gld. The Netherlands

Gary I need a good theme song, Keep up the good work
germfask, mi USA

Checked out your site wish you the best
Col; D. Harold Crosby
Wichita Falls, Tx USA

Does anyone know where I can get the German version of the theme song as featured on the little known show “Prost Helmut”?
Gregory Costa
Pinebluff, NC USA

Gary what a pleasure after talking to you, to meet you at the china club with PLJ (: I always loved the Cheers song!! Makes me cheeful!! you were awsome!! Hope to see you again!! I sent the pictures to ya, Love Mary
Mary Shaw
Staten is, NY USA

Hi there Gary. I’ve had many wonderful times listening to the theme from Cheers. Quite a few singalongs as well :)Kindest regards, Oagee
Aage “Oagee” Nordheim
Porsgrunn, NORWAY

Gary, ain’t nothin’ wrong with being a Preppie! :)Infact, a bit of breeding is a good thing.”Cheers!” for those whom remember culture & class. :)

Very nice to know that a great song such as the “Cheers” theme didn’t just materialize overnight. The sound of the first few piano notes does make me stop what I’m doing and go to the tv (and meanwhile my little angel starts to pick my cat up by its tail…)
Winnie DaleWright
Acworth, GA USA

Great song still love it, I play it on my harmonica, after a fashion, lol
David Wilson
Ft Worth, Tx USA

gary, you are wonderful, what a great mix of you performed. hope you do well with all your ventures, best of luck, your friend
tulsa, ok USA

Hey Uncle Gary I think about you so often. Good to see your face here. Fletcher is a union contractor now! For chrissake, call or email me. My home phone is still the same. All is well seriously. Love you ss
Sue Sheridan
Valley Village, CA USA

Hello there.. Message from Norway.. Beautiful songs you got on the cd. I’m playing the bass in Eagle Heart band in Norway, and we have a contract with Ken Pearson in Bluspring USA. I also have a duet with my wife and plays almost every weekend all a round in Norway.. Music is Life:) Keep up the good work..
Jan Flotten
Eidsvoll, Norway

gary, ben and ilene sent me jeannie’s phone number and i spoke with her last week. thanks. it was good to talk to her. she did an awful lot for a lot of us. let me know what i can do to help her. thanks…..bob alan.
bob alan
pegram, tn USA

Hi Gary,You’re a great country artist.Keep up the good work.Chrees,Eric
Eric Waterman
Gander, Canada

hi there! i’ve heard a dance (big beat or whatever) style version/remix of the ‘cheers’ theme… does anyone know, who did this remix? thx!

From the life for the lifemusic plays a large rolls in my life. Exactly the same as stories from the life and for live. This music is not my direction, but it me by their flair to the music impressed. Greetings from GermanyMichael
Suderburg, Ni Germany

very good !

Thanks for inviting me to your site. I liked “Simple”. Great line. You don’t pull the strings. Really a nice touch.
Marc Ellis
Noo Awlins, La. USA

loved the song,couldn’t stand the sitcom.bought the single.maybe it’s because my drinking days were behind me as I was raising a family then.I didn’t have time to lay in a bar.or money to waste.hell it it could of been resentment lol

I Simply Love This Song!!! “OBRIGADO!”
PORTO, Portugal

love your song I hope to meet and write with you some daythanks marty
marty white
smyrna, tn USA

Hey Gary! I love Cheers & your song always makes me wanna by “where somebody knows your name!” Have a gr8 day! feel free 2 visit my site & sign my guestbook or just send me an email or 2! :)
Erie, IL USA

Hi Gary, great songs know no boundaries. Like your web page they are accessible to all. They could even end up being played on my show, Honky tonks & Heartaches. Cheers, Barry
Barry Wass
Melbourne, Victoria Australia

I am ordering the CD, the production quality sounds EXCELLENT! And I never do this but the Cheers Story is so interesting, I’m going to run a blurb and link to this site at Laura’s MIDI Heaven, for the benefit of all the aspiring composers there. But you know who’s going to go? EVERYONE! I sell more sheet music for this TV theme than any other ever written!!This site is warm and wonderful probably like the talent it honors! Hope you sell a TON!


hey Gary. Great website and of course great songs you have. We love it over here in Germany.God blessAchim SchmidThe Mississippian
The Mississippian
Constance, GERMANY

I love Leonardo DiCaprio 4eva. You’re a good singer keep it up! My Auntie love you!
Birmingham, USA

You have a nice, clean voice. Keep up the good work.
Michael Avella
Jacksonville, Fl USA

I loved reading the story behind the song Cheers..what a great read! Also remember all the songs you wrote with my mother. One that pops out that I still think of is “Who needs the rain” and one song I love even more “Manhattan Heartache” that song is a song I hear Norah Jones singing today ..wouldn’t that be great! Anway My mother says hi and hopes you are well.
Danielle Napoli DNapoli2@AOL.COM
New York, NY USA

Hi Gary! Along with being a musician, a songwriter, you are also a therapist…you certainly drew out emotions when you presented that song to the show and the public, every time I hear it, it brings a tear to my eye…in the nicest kind of way. We love you and look forward to hearing more from you.

Hi, I am a 36 year old wife and mum of 3 girls living in Yorkshire, England. I am a massive fan of yourself and your music. My favourite song of all time is the Cheers Theme, Where Everybody Knows Your Name. It was one of the best parts of the programme, or the best! Could you please send me a signed photograph to the address below. I know how busy you must be but I would be really grateful. Thank you so much for your time. Mrs Heidi Lyles15, Glenside RoadShipleyWest YorkshireBD18 1EXENGLAND
Heidi Lyles
Shipley, UK

Whoa! I don’t know what glasses the previous writer was wearing when he read that article, because when I read it, what Gary said was that he ‘still gets a warm, fuzzy feeling whenever he hears the “Mary Tyler Moore” theme’. The article made no mention of his childhood good, bad, warm, fuzzy or otherwise!!
New York, NY USA

I find it hard to believe you had a warm and fuzzy childhood like you said in a newspaper article. I believe, you didn’t get on very well with your immediate family, at all. You obviously lied about your childhood, which is fine, if you want others to believe you are a warm and fuzzy loving man.


I enjoyed visiting your website, and invite you to visit ours as well. We are an artist development resource for musicians, singers, and songwriters. Keep up the good work!
Alexandria, VA USA

Hi Gary, I just dropped by to say hey, and to wish you a Happy New Year. I really enjoyed my visit to your website. Please take a visit to mine. I enjoy your Cheers theme!!! Keeping It Traditional Country…DOC
Doc Killian
Ypsilanti, Mich USA

william frange
delray beach, fl USA

Hi…I loved your site…and the music is beautiful…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Warm welcome to my site too…Lot of hugs from Celina

Hi, I am so happy to come and sign your guest book I have always loved the theme song cheers but this gave me a chance to see how much of a talent you truly are I listened to all your samples and I love them your vocals are great FYI I am also terrified of planes and I used to be scared to death to be in front of a group not anymore thanks to lots of therapy I hope that I hear more from you in 2005 and I wish all good things to come your way. Your friend in music, DeAnn Sanders
DeAnn Sanders
Hammond, IN USA

Hi Gary, all the best for 2005. Really like what I see and hear. Keep up the good work and all the best with Keeper. Cheers
Crewe, England

Hi Gary, I watch Cheers regularly and I love it!! Keep up the good work and have a great 2005!!
Hannah Williams
Plymouth, UK

Hey Gary, Keep up the good work and all the best in 2005. God bless You, Marshall Thompson, Leader Of The ChiLites
Marshall Thompson
Midlothian, IL USA

Dear Gary, I remember all the words to the theme song of Cheers and watched the show regularly. Happy and Healthy New Year. George Galfo
George Galfo Mystics

You have a nice, smooth, website. If you don’t mind I would like to add you to our Friends Page on …P/S We all can sing your song, my age group anyway…LOL…
Marty D.
Las Vegas, Nv USA

Great song for a great show. Nice to sign your guestbook. Take care.
Baton Rouge, LA USA

Thanks for you
Jack Sakali
Lattakia, 041 Syria

To touch so many people with your words must be where you were meant to be! A place where your heart, words and feelings about this life can be expressed and shared. What a blessing you have and give! Though it is that You are more exposed thru your words…don’t sweat the appearances..that is a cake walk!
Kimberly HeathCarrico kimmiworld
Saint Petersburg, FL USA

Can you please send me a press kit with either a cd, dvd, tape so that I can possibly book you at some nearby casinos starting new year’s eve. Laura Williams 32008 Delaware Road, Coarsegold, CA 93614
Laura Williams
Coarsegold, CA USA

Great site, Gary. And beautiful music, too. I did enjoy the visit. Thanks
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gary I like your page and enjoy your music. Keep up the good work. Len
Cedar Park, TX USA

I love your music, especially the theme song to Cheers. I watch it all the time. I was wondering how you got in the business, like how you were discovered. I’m really looking for a way to get into the business, maybe the hard way if I have to. Thanks for caring, Rachel*
Rachel Kahn
Davidsonville, MD USA

well done! keep it up
rajendra mahat
kathmandu, nepal

Congradulations Gary on your CD and Website! It’s a pleasure to hear what you’re doing. As Len said, “Chubby?” Hmmmm…
Bob Shuster

Gary, My wife, Frances, and I often talk about you. We all are very proud of you. In 1986 I retired from south. Recently, they’ve expanded the school with the entire music department on the first floor level….extending way out by the athletic field. I have to run to a holiday gig. Bye now. Booker
Booker T. Gibson
Merrick, NY USA

I LOVE the Cheers’ theme song! You have a great talent and wonderful site. I hope to get to meet you on my 2005 book tour!
Teresa Phillips
Lawrenceburg, KY USA


Keep up the good work Gary and don’t be afraid to be different
Roberta Gordica
Calgary, AB Canada

Hey, Gary! Along with so many others, I was captivated by the Cheers theme song from the moment I first heard it. But I’ll never forget the first time I heard the song in its entirety just fabulous. Thanks for sharing the song’s history with us. I’m so glad all parties persevered and this song finally came to fruition. Amy
Amy Martin
Victorville, CA USA

I Had Always “LOVED” Watching Cheers And Often Wondered Who Wrote Their Theme Song And Now I Know GARY PORTNOY” And All That I Can Say Is “GREAT JOB” Gary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Southington, CT USA

I really enjoyed reading the story about how Cheers got its “Theme Song”… ” Where Everybody Knows Your Name” I must say it is one of the best songs I have heard and Gary you have a great voice. Its one of those voices that are clear, clean and easy on the ears AND I can understand the lyrics! Your new album sounds great! Wish you the best of luck!Peace in Music,Kori Linae
Kori Linae Carothers
Mission Viejo, CA USA

Great website Gary, keep on keeping on.
Bootsie Daniels
Staunton, Va USA

Gary,I have faith that this issue of “the era of theme songs is dead” is nothing more than a cycle. Like popular clothing of a decade long passed (ie bell bottoms), theme songs will make a comeback.Woodie in MD
Baltimore, MD USA

i just wanted to say keep up the good work!!and i love your songs too!!!
pc., fl florida

Gary, you have a product and a site to be proud of! :)Also, thank you for the samples and history of one of the most memorable television theme songs that will likely ever existfun and interesting to see how a classic is developed! You have reason to celebrateso;ahem, ‘CHEERS’! Best wishes!Casey
Casey Moo
Brooklyn Center, MN USA

Thanks for your Cheers song which helped me through many a unhappy evening. I like your other songs also on your new CD. They are uplifting. Thanks and God bless you.
Mar van Waardenburg
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

great songs.i hope you have best songs after this

I have seen every episode of Cheers and my favoritecharacter’s were “Norm and Cliff”. My favorite episodewas the “Thanksgiving Dinner food fight”. I miss Cheersalot it was a great show.

i like this songeverybody knows your name
xiaoyu xie
tianjin, china

Howdy Gary… It’s been a while since my last visit… What’s NEW on the “Gary Portnoy” front, smile? Have a great Weekend and MUCH “success”, Ray … (_)
Ray Pfob
Calgary, AB Canada

Good to go bravo, like the field of dreams build it and they will come….Best regards,
Danny Haszard
Bangor, Maine USA

Had wondered for years who had done some of the theme song music that I have enjoyed for years. I know I love the music. Hope you come to the central Massachusetts area some day so I can see you play. Be well.
Jim Hodges
Gardner, MA USA

Checked your site out. Many thanks for the Cheers song, I always liked it. Good luck with your CD. You should try marketing it in Ireland as I know your type of material is popular there.
marie fitzsimons

Mr. Portnoy, you are a brilliant artist, but I know you don’t need me to tell you that. As soon as I can, I HAVE to get your new CD. I can’t wait to hear the musical genius that is made tangible through that compact disc. Keep making the soundtracks to our lives.
Decatur, Ga USA

“Gary your Keeper CD is great”! thanks for signing it too (nice that your site takes Pay Pal!), and a great price. Hey and “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” Today Jean Claude Van Damme! you need to get a CD of the”Keeper” if you don’t have one. Ya
Nancy (Navou)
Paradise, CA USA

Nice site you got here.

Jack (I’m his duet partner) & I just had the pleasure of listing to some of your material, as a fellow writer and artist i’m thrilled to hear such a terrific talent, you are a fabulous writer. Good Luck, Candi Carpenter
Candi Carpenter
Nashville, Tn USA

Great writng! Keep up the good work! You have a wonderful talent. I know a terrific cowriter if you’re looking. Very Best, Jack Greene
Jack Greene/ Grand Ole Opry
Nashville, TN USA

I wondered what happened to that Cheers guy. I listened to a bit of Keeper (thanks for the samples). Now that I’ve had a listen, I’ll make an order ASAP (and perhaps anything else you’ve done). Great stuff!!
Ron Jewer
Petawawa, ON Canada

Great Site. Would love to link to your site, please contact me. You have a wonderful voice and Cheers will live on forever.
Lea owner of Danny Couch Fanaddicts
Seattle, WA USA

Keep up the good work m8
Andrew G
Derbyshire, UK

Excellent Site…..The Cheers theme song will always be a favorite…even though 11 years have passed! Great New CD!
Tim Conkey
Syracuse, NY USA


Hello, This is Jerry Mac with The Country Music Planet. Speaking as someone who has been in the music business for 47 years, I can honestly say that visiting this site that I heard some of the best original songs that are out there anywhere today. I state this as a sincere compliment, and I have heard a bunch of songs in my days. Keep on writin’ ‘em. Don’t ever stop. You have been blessed with tons of talent.
Jerry Mac
Downingtown, PA USA

:) : ) : ) : ) Great music!!

Heya matey, Looking mighty fine and sounding great. Keep it up, buddy ! alexxx
varde, denmark

Gary it was great meeting you. You are a unique person with wonderful talent. Love your “Keeper” CD. It seems to be all the things I think about on a daily basis. Keep up the good work you do. Betsy
Elizabeth Yeager
Stamford, CT USA

Hi Gary,
It’s great to hear some new good lyrics in these days of innane Rap blasting out day after day on the Radio. I think my favourite is “The Keeper”. As an avid music fan from the 1950’s to the present, I would like to say “Keep it going, you are a winner with a unique style”. John [Born in Yorkshire, England now reside Sydney, Australia]
John Doxey

thank you gary, you have a nice site
amsterdam, netherlands

Gary You Rock Our World! Good luck always.
Mary Alice * Moonflower *
Gerrans, Cornwall UK

Nice, very nice.
Jason J. Singer/Performer
Jason J.
Jersey, NJ USA

Gary, much continued success. With one song you’ve kept us all looking for that place, ‘where everybody knows your name’. Best of luck, Ira Goldwyn
Ira Goldwyn
Milford, CT United States

Gary, yours is the voice i love to listen to…It’s cool. It’s sonorous… It’s among the wonderful voices I would like to wake up with. I wish I can have some of your CDs or DVDs I’ll be glad. Mor greese to your elbow. Cheers, Bennett from Nigeria.
bennett omeke
Lagos, Nigeria, Lagos Nigeria

Hi Gary . . . Hi Gloria . . . WOW! . . . Great Lyrics . . . Great Music . . . Awesome CD . . . Best of luck from all of us here at TRAX . . .
David Strattford, Producer at TRAX
Honolulu, HI USA

Thank you so much Gary Portnoy for your NICE site! THIS is a place to go! I play Where Everyone knows your name all the time on my site! Thanks, Nancy
California USA

What a great talent you have. What a tremendous gift you’ve shared. Thanks for the music!
Roy McCann
Temecula, CA USA

Hi Gary! The Theme from Cheers alone should place you in the Songwriters Hall of Fame! If you and Gloria ever have a Sinatra type song to shop I would be thrilled to sing it for you! Best Regards, George Lyons
George Lyons
Malden, Ma USA

Hello Gary!! Very nice site. good music and words..i wish you luck..cheers..
osijek, Croatia

Wonderful Music! Gretz Seb
Seb Schmidt

The songs are great! Hope it all goes well in the music business, i’m sure it will. i am a singer and hoping to get myself into the music business one day, hopefully soon! so good luck for the album ‘keeper’, and future albums. love, karen
Bristol, England

Hi Gary. i must admit this is the first time that i have listened to your new cd, and it is excellent. lovely songs. i will be going out to buy it tommorow. i hope Keeper makes it big over here in the uk. alison.
alison brown

Hi Gary, I own your terrific CD got it through Amazon. I listen to it constantly. Can’t get over the wonderful songs, the originality, the beauty of them. Congratulations on a CD that’s not based solely on the one hit as so many other albums are. Although I love “Cheers”, you’ve grown way beyond that. This album is great. These songs are awesome. Thank you for them. Bob
Bob Bergen
Boston, MA USA

Hi Gary! Nice site, good and informative! Got this nice sleepy sunday feeling listening to the theme song for Cheers:) btw, you’re not related to Mike Portnoy, are ya? *cheers*
Örebr, Sweden

Hi Gary: I wasn’t a real big fan of Cheers, but I did like the show and watch reruns now and then. Your song will go down in history as one of the all time great theme songs in telavision. I wish you luck!!! Rick
Rick Tittle rtittle7@mchsi
Dubuque, IA USA

Hey there ,, very cool!!!… best of luck with ya new Music…Wishin’ ya the best, Dusty
Dusty Sommers
Big River, RI USA

Hi Gary, Excellent site and your songs are pretty cool too; especially like “The Keeper”. Please return the favour, thanks.
Roger Penkethman

Excellent Site! I LOVE Cheers! I Also Love The Song. I’m 12 and I know how to play it on the piano.
Joshua Spanks
Hoschton, GA USA

yeah…i’m a songwriter too…it was nice to hear the story behind the song that changed your life…after all these years the theme from cheers still rings true and sounds fresh…thanks to the fact that you recorded it in a simple, timeless style that dates it, not in a particular time…but more as a rich, warm, shared memory…if opportunity ever drops out the sky like that for me…i hope i have sure enough hands to catch it, like you did.
dan michel
southern, illinois USA

Hi Gary! I am a songwriter also, from the grand State of Maine. I enjoy the series of Cheers as well as the theme song you wrote. Quite your website also. Keepup the good writing. someday we may both be fameous!(smile)Your Maine buddy, Don A. Smith
Don A. Smith
So. Gardiner, Maine USA

Gary…just wanted to drop by and say I have always loved the song on Cheers. Great voice and all. It always lifts me up to just hear it and it feels so personal. Best of luck to you in all you do. I also was a bartendar and that song just hits home! Best of luck to you always…………Pamala
Pamala Thomas
Charleston, IL USA

As a former bar owner, I can tell you that the words to Everybody Knows your Name epitomizes the regulars that constantly hang out at the same places. Thanks for understanding the mindset of the “regular”
Tony Moore
Atlantic Beach, FL USA

for some silly reason your song for CHEERS always made me feel good, Thank You
Darryl McDaniel
winona, mn USA

Hi Gary, Your story is very interesting with a happy ending … and the song Cheers is great. You’re both very brave, determined and talented and we are so happy for you both. Keep writing and singing. :)Keep us posted. Take care. really like your site. Rick and BarbTinoco Staff
Branson, Mo USA

Hello Gary, It’s truly wonderful reading about you and I too so enjoyed Cheers! Great show!!! I have enjoyed listening to your new songs and I wish you lots of success with the new cd. Yours in music, Vicki Lee
Vicki Lee

I still watch reruns of Cheers. Loved it then, and still do. Sure wish we had more shows just like it……As for the music, well, we used to have a place here that we went to……..where everybody knew our name……Miss that, too…..This is a great site………great show, and great music!
Laurie Sheffield
Alamogordo, NM USA

Hello! Wow, I miss that show! The site is great, and will always enjoy the music. Keep up the good work, Gary!
Kitty Robbins
Alexandria, VA USA

It is fortunate to have in one’s life such things as the ability of a simple song to evoke a wash of the warmest memories; “Where Everbody Knows Your Name” is as inseparable from “Cheers” as each is from those memories.
Michael Abandond
West Chester, PA USA

I would like to say hello to all the Cheers fans out there. To be honest, I thought Gary disappeared after the Cheers theme song came out in the show. I know differently now.
Plainfield, IN USA

Hello from Texas Gary …I love your songs and I think you’re a very special person. I was wondering if you ever looked at danger (or the things YOU considered dangerous) as fun. When one turns (for instance) his fears into a rollercoaster ride, then fear becomes madness and pleasure. Prolly the best kinda pleasure on earth! LiltwistedNTexas Laura
Laura McCumber
Dinero, Tx USA

Hi Gary… GREAT WEBSITE!!!! I will definitely order your new CD. The songs on there are fantastic!!! Thanks for letting me visit your website.
Cynthia King
Madison, WI USA

This is funny because I had the privilege of meeting Woody Harrelson in Vancouver airport about a month ago on April 18th, 2004. He is a really nice guy. Thanx Gary.
que Canada

Hi Gary, Great website! I loved reading the Cheers story and the song samples sound really great. I’ll probably order your CD, too. Thanks for your great music. Jon
Jonathan Mathers
Ann Arbor, MI USA

Just stopped by to say Hi.
Larry Bishop
North Bay, Canada

I am always happy to hear your song.
virginia seibels
birmingham, al USA

Hi Gary. I just bought the first season of Cheers on DVD and am currently watching at least six episodes a day… (I’m a student with too much time on my hands) but the fact that listening to the theme never gets tiring shows that it’s something special. It’s something I’ve grown up with and I hope to hear more of your songs, Steven
Glasgow, Scotland

Great site!!! I love your music!
Jordan Boyd
lond, canada

Cool Site Gary. I got an email so I thought I’d check your site out. And it’s cool! :O)Jaci~Snugg!~
Brampton, Ont Canada

Hi Gary, I like your website. Best wishes from Kati
Kati schuster

Hey Gary!! Great CD “Keeper”; great Website. I like your songs, very professional; good harmonies. I work in this time on my 7th album. I hope I hear more from you. Lovely greetings, Achim
Achim Schultz
Munich, Bayern Germany

Very nice and I love the Cheers theme. Good luck in all your endeavors. Take care and best wishes to you.
Tina Swain
Lancaster, Oh USA

Great Site! Love your music Great writer!
Heather Stokes
Nashville, TN USA

Great site. Super you share the words of your songs with us. I like the freedom in your lyrics. Ken
Ken Randall randallbluey77@hotmail,com
Wagin, W,A Australia

Hi Gary, I really enjoyed looking around (your site’s very nicely done), and love the Cheers theme song! Stop by my site if you get the chance and say hello! Wishing you the best with your album and all you do! Rustie Blue
Rustie Blue
Lancaster, OH USA

I was a fan of cheers for years. I also write songs, mainly country and Gospel.
Everett Adams(songwriter)
Grand FallsWindsor, NL Canada

I really like your music. I’m a country artist from Norway. Please check out my site too.
Roy Martin
Raufoss, Norway

I’m a great fan of Cheers and the song is very popular in the Netherlands. I loved my visit to your site and wish you all the best in music and life. Bye for now, Drieelle
Den Helder, NH Netherlands

I really enjoyed the visit. lots of success with your new cd. I enjoyed listening to your songs. Cheers, Eric Waterman
Eric Waterman
Gander, Canada

Great songs. Really enjoyed my stay. I am a country music artist. I Write country and gospel. Traditional songs.
Norma Lee
Elizabethtown, Ky USA

Nice website. Kudos to just pure talent. That song will be in everyone’s hearts for a long time. Keep up the good work. P.S. You have fans of all ages BIG FANS Sherry & Mariah Stanley
Mariah Stanley
Buna, Tx USA

Gary, thanks for signing my CD. I always loved the Cheers Theme and I am really enjoying your new songs now. Keep up the fine work. Wes
Wes Coolidge
Prince George, British Columbia, CA

Gary, I visited your website. It really looks great. Keep up the successful songwriting. I live in Texas but my heart’s in the islands. Take a look at “Island Song Lyrics”, the world’s largest collection of all islandthemed songs. Mahalo nui loa…Larry W. Jones
Larry W. Jones
Kingwood, Tx USA

Great site! I had fun and enjoyed listening to the music and reading how the song came about, with a little luck and a lot of hard work. Three “cheers” to you. You are a songwriter’s inspiration.
Billy Moon
Gold Hill, OR USA

This is a really pleasant site to visit! I love your music.

Hi Gary…got email bout ure’s very very nice…gr8 voice….drop by & visit me too…have a gr8 day……….Ty Gwendella
Winchester, Ky USA

Hi Gary, I contacted you by email last week about the Cheers theme. Your prompt reply was appreciated and quite refreshing. Keep up the good work and I am going to make a point of listening to more of your songs in future. Thanks again, Peter
Glasgow, UK

Hey Gary, great website. I really like your music from the TV series ‘FAME’!!! =)

hi gary. i own and operate my own net radio station as a hobby. i’d love to play your cd on the air !!!! let me know
lexington, ky USA

Hey Gary! Great Website! Thanks again I really enjoyed the site! Take care and please stay in touch! All the best, Chip Ritter
Chip Ritter na
Tucson, AZ USA

Hi Gary, Your site is wonderful!xoxoxoxoxoxoJennifer Leigh
Jennifer Leigh
Jen Land, USA

Hi Gary Nice to see your website. Cheers Shardul.
Auckland,, New Zealand.

Great job and Keep creating the good musick.
Derek Millmoor
Wingate, Co. Durham England

I wish you all the luck with your C.D. In Holland we like new music from all over the world. Greets from Holland.
Zwollw, Holland

Hi, Good luck with the CD and God bless you. Sincerely, Wolfgang
Wolfgang Hildebrandt
Cologne, NRW Germany

Hi, Gary. I enjoyed the website and the CD blurbs great songs! Keep up the good work and, of course, Cheers rules!
Chris Barnes
Dallas, TX USA

G’day Gary! No matter what anyone ever tells you mate, I can tell you that beyond a shadow of a doubt, your song “Where everybody knows your name”, is STILL as popular today, as it was when we all 1st heard it. To think it’s been spread so far & heard by so many!! I still enjoy watching reruns of “Cheers”, & ALWAYS get goosebumps when your song comes on! I read your story behind its creation, and know that things happen in our lives for a reason…yours was to create a song the world would fall in love with. Thank you, for giving us a song that will never be forgotten! CHEERS Deb Stevens Hope your cd is available down here????
Debbie Stevens
Sydney, NSW Australia

Good luck with the CD. My honest, humble opinion, however (now that I’m here), is that there’s just too many of these personal relationship songs out there. I mean the whole style has basically killed folk music as a American musical genre. Hundreds of these songs are probably written daily. Where are the songs that actually stir the heart in these post 911 times? I guess maybe our little American lives are not a source for rich music anymore. Just my two cents.
Peter Wagner
Perryville, MD United States

Nice to hear the whole Cheers song and to find out more about the musician behind this classic. The Cheers song will go down as one of the best in television history.
Luis S. Garcia
los angeles, ca USA

I have Gary Portnoy’s Sony album on Japan CD release and I am so happy to hear music from his new Keeper CD that I ordered. The whole website is made excellent too! Thank you.
Kazu Matsui
Tokyo, Japan

hey there, nice site. thank you.
New Plymouth, Taranaki New Zealand

HeyGary I’m a song writer tooenjoyed your music and lyricsI’m a professional musiciando you want to collaborate on a great med tempo ballad? Jan Garfinkle
woodland hills, Ca USA

Pure heart and soul, great songs indeed. To Michael Davis, thanks for the email that introduced me to the music of Gary and Gloria.
anna j. pajaron
Quezon City Metro Manila, MM Philippines

Nice Site.

I’ve just been sent this web address. Glad to learn of your site! D :)
Edinburgh, Scotland

I remember as a kid holding my cassette recorder to the TV to record the Cheers theme and then listening to it over and over. It still lifts my spirits every time I hear it. I am looking forward to receiving your new CD. Thanks.
steve larson
Washington, DC USA

i’ve loved this new website and i’ve listened to those new brand cd samples and found it great!! greetings to brazil!!
Marcio Tex
Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil

Hello! I’m so glad I had the chance to see your page. Now I can tell a lot of my friends. I think the theme you did for Cheers was great! That one will be hard to top, except the one who made it in the first place.. Take care!

hallo ik ben evert uit foxhol
evert radema
foxhol, meeuwenstraat nl

Gary & Gloria. Great music, great lyrics. Loved “Keeper.”
Jacqui Lofaro
Bridgehampton, NY USA

Great site and I love the background and information you have provided.
New Orleans, La USA

Just a quick note to say I always enjoyed your song while watching “Cheers”. Finally good to hear the whole song.
Charles V. Jensen
Byron, NY USA

Cool layout. Finally can hear the full version of where everybody knows your name that’s been buggin me since I was still trying to walk!!
Amy D
Glasgow, Scotland

great stuff. have great luck and i wish you peace, stewkey
stewkey stewkeymusic
phila, pa USA

Love the Cheers theme! Thank you. Sharon Stewart
Sharon Stewart
Norfolk, VA USA

So glad that you perservered and the Cheers theme became the classic that it is!
Jeffrey Fritz
San Francisco, CA USA

You sure do have some wonderful songs here.
norma Lee
Elizabethtown, Ky USA

Gary, Welcome back with excellent music! I am so excited to find out the fact that you have done your brandnew CD!
Takeshi Ito
Tokyo, Japan

Enjoyed reading the story of the cheers theme!
Jim Thomas
Columbus, OH USA

just thought i would write to let everyone know I love that song
Cashion, Az. USA

Hello, I certainly can relate to your musicI*&%*$$
pomona, ca USA

Echt super Musik die du machst Gary! Mach weiter so!
Riesa, Saxonia Germany

Hey, Gar, old pal! Found your website totally by accident. It looks (and sounds) great. No big surprise there! I wish you both all the best. Email me!
Annie Silver
New York, NY USA

Because I did like ´Cheers´ I came over to take a look at your site :) Wish you a lot of luck with your beautiful music and CD! GreetzGerdie
Nijmegen, Netherlands

Congratulations on the new CD, the website, and especially your longevity in the business! It’s all about the songs, it’s all about the songs…
Jeff Tucker
Toledo, OH USA

I just found out about your website. The Cheers theme has always had a very special place in my heart from when I was a little girl and I would talk my mom into letting me stay up to watch Cheers with her. I love your new songs and can’t wait to hear them all the way through. Cheers!
New Orleans, LA USA

Like yer music. May God bless ya! I’ll be praying for you!
Kelso, UK

The songs on this CD were worth listening to and I love that you included the lyrics. Good luck and I hope to see you in the mainstream of music again.
North White Plains, NY USA

Gary Cheers is my fav show, still today I watch it on tvland and I love that theme, I sing along. Thanks (: Best of Luck!! Love Mary

Cheersan old friend of a song. Now I have a glimpse of all these new songs that feel like they’re going to be new friends. They seem to each tell a little bit about my life. So honest and so insightful. It’s good to know stuff like this is being written. Thanks
Clifton, NJ USA

Great Gary! I’ve always loved the song for Cheers! Very cool site. May God bless you, and widen your territory Gary. Sincerely, Freddy Bolen.
Freddy Bolen
Wardner, BC Canada

Great music Gary! Always keep it up! Sincerely, Neil Rambaldi
Neil Rambaldi

I Liked your music very much and I pray The Lord will continue to Bless you and Bless those who hear your music. God Bless
Pastor Barbara
Ottawa, Canada

“YOU!…………AMAZE ME! You have a natural raw talent, you’re GIFTED! Just like me! lol……M.L.B. “DREAM ON!”
Panama, Fla. USA

Great to see a legendary piano player back in the swing of things! Keep up the great work.
Milwaukee, WI USA

Great songs. I see you still have the touch.
Gregory Beasley
Tallahassee, Fl USA

Great site, great music
Richard E. Aaron
Santa Monica, CA USA

Thanks again!

Great job! Thank you for inviting me to take a look and listen to your new CD.
Barbara Giordano
Stormville, NY USA

Great job Gary, you must be so proud of the work you’ve done and the gift you’ve given us in your music. It was wonderful reading the history behind the song.

I’ve always loved Cheers, but the song certainly means more to me once I met you and got to know you. You are very talented. Love the website!
Phila, PA USA

Back when Cheers first started, I went to my local record store and ordered the seven inch version of the theme. After that, I looked in vain for many years for more by Gary. That was long before the internet. So finding this site is really interesting. Good for you.
Shipley, UK

No one could ever sing your songs as honestly as you do…it’s a lovely site, especially the way the text gradually appears. Hooray for you. Ruth. P.S. And just think…once again, the door to your room…
Ruth Greenwood

Love your music….look forward to hearing more of your music.
Andy Hatcher
Gastonia, NC USA

Gary and Gloria Love the lyrics and the music. Keep up the great work. I keep playing the songs over and over. Always, Gail
Gail Pezzuto
Brooklyn , NY 11209 USA

It is so nice to finally see the person behind “that voice” and to hear you sing your new songs! No matter what was going on in my life, as soon as I heard “Making your way in the world today…”, I felt like everything was going to be OK. Thanks, Gary!
New York, NY USA

Awesome site! Love your songs, especially PWA!

Hello Gary! Great web site! You’ve got a really wonderful sound, we love that style of music. Keep that going! We’ll be watching your career. Good luck!
Henry & Agnes Jarosz
Wroc³aw, Poland

well this is a surprise. i always loved this song, always wanted to find that place where everybody knew my name. never did. so i got sober and now i hang with the tramps over at they all know my name there and i don’t wake up with hangovers any more. best,ellen
Richmond, va USA

The closing section of the Cheers theme still gives me chills because I used to watch it in syndication at 11PM just before I went to bed. I get the same association with the end of Laverne & Shirley, when I went to bed earlier. I also liked the Mr. Belvedere theme; didn’t know that was by your hand, too, Gary! Thanks for the tunes.
David M.
Edison, NJ USA

any tours coming up?
rev jeff mosier
atl, USA

Great website Gary!! I’m looking forward to hearing a LOT more from you.
Bette Carl
Ossining, NY USA

Congratulations on all your accomplishments. Best of luck in all your future endeavours. Diane Safir
Diane Safir
Toronto, Can

I’m like the man who came to dinner. I came to hear “Cheers” and stayed for the feast of material. Now I won’t leave. It’s like a banquet. These songs knock me out. You’ve got a more than a little of Elton/Bernie going on here. Thanks for the delicious array. I’m hooked. More! More!
San Francisco, CA USA

Hey Gary, Great Website, and a VERY interesting anecdote about the Cheers theme song. Thanks, Jay
Jay Poitras
Warren, CT USA

Hello Gary! I adore your music and love your writing style! Great site too! Can’t think of how many times I sang along to your song! If you ever want to get together and write some music please let me know! I am a songwriter with over 150 songs! Hope to hear from you one fine day! Happy New Year! Carol Kirkpatrick
Carol Kirkpatrick
Wichita , Ks USA

Dear friend, Hello, I am very happy I can visited here and put massage to you … my English is not so good just yet but I really think that your music is wonderful, it feel so fresh. I love music. I admire your voice…Thank God I can know you & your music. I have write songs too, I love singing most…Anyway, cheerly!!!! You are the best!!!!
Hong Kong, China

Love the music symbolizes our lives very musically!
Al and Donna Emmons
Welland, ON Canada

i like your music a lot i going to tell my family and friends about. you are creative
kenmore, ny USA

Wonderful! Enjoyed the visit :)
Robin Ludwig Lowther
Smyrna, Ga USA

When I was a little kid I wasn’t allowed to watch Cheers because it was set in a bar! So I would watch the opening credits with my parents and then it was off to bed. I fell in love with “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”. As I got older, I got to watch the whole show and it became my alltime favorite. My grandfather lived with us and he never watched TV, but he would join us for Cheers. I have such warm memories of those days and your song was a big part of it. Thanks, Gary.
Richard Loughlin
Chicago, IL USA

Really nice site enjoyed the songs and the history behind it too. Well done!
Chris Johnson
Memphis, TN USA

Hey Gary, it was just wonderful to talk to a person like you and trust me you sing really well. Its one of the best songs i have ever heard. Is it possible to buy this tape anywhere in India, so that i could make my friends listen to it. Wonderfull lyrics..any new release coming out..God Bless You..! Abhi from India
Abhishek Singh
Bangalore, Kr India

Great site, love the song bits. And good luck with the record.
David Bleach
Bournmouth, England

Hi Gary, what a great website…thanks for all your work with Cheers…Cheers from the Twin Cities Denise and Glenn and the gang..
Glenn Axelrod
Bloomington, MN USA

what a wonderful song. i do so hope you will bring out more nice songs
United Kingdom

Great seeing what you’ve been up to since the “demo days” in the basement studio following our days at South High.
Don Siegel
Philadelphia, PA USA

Excellent Album and refreshing….. Keep writing those songs. I’m still working on my first Album….Best wishes ‘AMBIOSIS’
Stroud, Gloucestershire UK

nice page. good work, and continue like this…i´m a songwriter too and i´m always looking for new opportunities to write songs. i´m doing german commercials and produce my new album…check my page, but it´s the beginning, and it´s only in german. the u.s. site still on work. bye bye and take care…happy new year…TONI LEO
frankfurt, D Germany

That is wonderful work. Thanks for putting it together, and I hope that all is going better than ever. Rad
Rad Bareford
Richmond, VA United States

Thanks for creating what is possibly the most familliar, as well as catchy, theme song of recent times!
Sandown, NH USA

Wonderful Webpage and History behind the song that brings both tears of pain and tears of joy to our lives. Thanks for creating! Carol

Bravo, guys! Great album.

Thanks I was in vited to look at this site.
Wichita, KS USA

The same creativity that we are all familar with in your music is also evident on your web site. Nice going!
Howard Fleischman
San Diego, CA USA

Great website! Beautiful songs!
Lois F.
Phoenix, AZ USA

Could i get the album anywhere in Asia

Great sounds Gary. It is on my list.. I passed the link on to other boomer friends… Good luck. JE
Killeen, TX USA

“Keeper” is a gem. I bought this CD for the long version of the Cheers Theme, which I had been trying to find for the longest time. But the rest of the CD is truly excellent and it is difficult to find music like this nowadays. Thanks!!
Stephen Henman
Bath, GB

I first heard this song with my father on the way to school, i was only 12 and my father had said to me…”this is for a new show coming on this week want to watch it???” thank GOD I did, since then it became a father son tradition for years to come
gene talarico
tinton falls, new jersey USA

I just received my copy and I can’t stop listening. Bravo!
Marie Nero
New York, NY USA

What an awesome album! Now I know what to give my friends for the holidays. Thanks!
Clementine Lex
Los Angeles, CA USA

Great album. Brilliant lyrics, heartfelt music, terrific songs. The combination is a winner.
Bo Bergen

Congrats all the way, Gary! “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” remains one of my favorite songs. Looking forward to playing it on my new FM radio station soon!
Scott Clem
West Frankfort, IL USA

Hi, Gary! Thank you for taking me to a place where everybody knows my name. Be sure to continue drawing emotion through your songs.
Jarri Brown
Wilmington, DE USA

I am a big fan of your music, Gary! Keep up the fantastic work.

Hi Gary How come “I Hold You Tighter” isn’t on the new CD? Kathy (the one being held tighter)
Kathy Kelly
Los Angeles, CA USA

Len Napolitano
Los Angeles, CA USA

Congratulations, Gary !!!!!
andre bellens
Lummen, Belgium

What a fantastic job you both have done on this one!!!! So much enjoyment to be had from it
Bill Smiles